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Video author: Ladislav Simo 2021

What you need to know: Tick neurohormonal system is significantly understudied area and till today almost nothing is known about the neuropeptide and neurotransmitter hormonal release in these medically important arthropods. In insect the neurohemal organs that serve as a hormonal releasing site are well described but in ticks we are lacking any relavant info regarding the neurohemal organs as well as neurosecretory cells that can co-mediate the neurohormones release to the hemolymph. Où on va? Recently the NeuroPaTick lab generated a break-trough discoveries in this field, by identifying a specific neurosecretory cells that express or co-express neuropeptides and/or neurotransmitter receptors. The axon terminals of these prominent cells reach the synganglion surface where they likely release or receive the hormones. Our group is very excited to investigate for the first time the neruhormonal system of the European tick Ixodes ricinus.    

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