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The Joint Research Unit for Molecular Biology and Parasitic Immunology (BIPAR, established in 1999) belongs to Animal Health Laboratory of ANSES, EnvA and INRA and covers two major research areas: one related with zoonotic food-borne parasites and the other one related with arthropod vectors and vector-borne pathogens. The current missions of BIPAR for each of these topics are to contribute to the protection of animal and public health, in line with the "One Health" concept. This objective integrates the development of effective cutting-edge methods of screening, diagnosis and surveillance, as well as the integrated control of parasites present in domestic animals and wildlife, through a better understanding of their transmission cycles and interactions.


The Institute of Parasitology (established in 1962) is part of Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The Institute performs research on human and animal parasites at the organismal, cellular and molecular levels. Its mission is to acquire, advance, and disseminate knowledge of the biology and host relationships of parasitic protist and related eucaryotic microorganisms, helminths, and athropods. The Institute pursues this goal through research, education and other activities at both the national and international levels. The results obtained have contributed to the prevention and control of human and animal parasitic diseases and have an impact on agriculture.


The Institute of Parasitology and BIPAR, recognizing the value of European and International cooperation to foster scientific development, have agreed to create the FCTM group to conducting join research projects in order, primarily, to generate knowledge and to provide scientific and technical support to their respective governments, the European Union and the International Community. After two years (since 2017) of spontaneous scientific cooperation, the mutual interest in creating FCTM was stated after a visit of the Director General of the Institute of Parasitology, Julius Lukeš, to BIPAR in June 2019. As for 2019, despite a brief period of cooperation between the two institutions, more than 15 common research manuscripts have been published. The purpose of the FCTM is to make possible and to institutionalize an intense scientific and academic exchange between the Institute of Parasitology and BIPAR upon the principles of mutual equality and the reciprocity of benefits. The vigorous cooperation plan encouraged by FCTM will be the basis to create a 'laboratory without walls' between the Institute of Parasitology and BIPAR where the scientific culture will have four main values: New Research Frontiers, Scientific Excellence, Impact and Scientific Productivity.

Founders of FCTM








Alejandro Cabezas-Cruz & Ladislav Simo,

Researchers of the Unit BIPAR

Julius Lukes,

Director of the Institute of Parasitology


Libor Grubhoffer,

Director of Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Nadia Haddad,

Director of the Unit BIPAR


Pascal Boireau,

Director of Laboratory for Animal Health of Anses









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